Declining Populations 00:00:00
Nicholas Eberstadt: Population Decline 00:01:56
Countries and Territories Experiencing Population Decline as of 2007:U.S. Census Bureau Estimates and Projections 00:02:51
Births, Deaths, and Natural Increase in Population: Russian Federation, 1960-2007 00:05:41
Estimated Excess Mortality in Russia, 1992-2006 [Benchmarked against Russian Mortality Schedules for 1986/87; rounded] 00:06:45
Total Fertility Rate of Less Than 2.1: U.S. Census Bureau Projections for the World, 2008 00:08:13
How Much Of Humanity Currently Lives in Places With Fertility Levels Below Replacement? Some Recent Estimates, Approximations and Projections 00:10:06
TFR, 1950/55 2005/2010 00:10:59
How Low Can We Go? We Don't Know! Total Fertility Rates for Japan and Asian Tigers, 1975-2007 00:12:10
But we do know fertility rates can turn on a dime. Total Fertility Rate: Iran, 1972-2000 00:13:09
Population Living in Countries Experiencing Population Decline 00:13:53
World Population Living in Countries w/NRR <1 00:14:48
Germany's Population Prospects 1950-2050, As Assessed by the German Federal Statistical Office in 2006 00:16:16
Germany 2005 vs. 2050 00:16:24
Italy 2005 vs. 2050 00:16:58
Japan 2005 vs. 2050 00:17:07
Replacement Migration? Average Annual Net Number of Migrants between 2000 and 2050, per Million Inhabitants in 2000, by UNPD Scenario and Country or Region 00:17:21
Someone Has To Live There! Replacement Migration: Per cent of post-1995 migrants and their descendants in total population in 2050, by scenario and country or region 00:18:54
Graying Societies: Made by Babies. Illustrative Percentages of Population 65+: Stable Populations, Coale-Demeny West Model, With Alternative Fertility (GRR) and Mortality (LE) Schedules {Population structures with over 12% over 65 in boldface] 00:19:29
Where Have All The Families Gone? Population Structure of Shanghai: 2000 (Shaded) vs. 2040 (projected) 00:21:10
Will Demographic Differentiation Mean International Discord? 00:21:52
Hania Zlotnik: Declining populations 00:22:58
Projected number of countries with deaths exceeding births 00:24:21
Countries with population reductions exceeding one million, 2005-2050 00:25:54
Countries with population reductions exceeding 15 per cent, 2005-2050 00:27:17
Russian Federation: population by broad age groups 2005 and 2050 00:28:40
Bulgaria: population by broad age groups 2005 and 2050 00:31:32
Discussion 00:35:39