General Discussion 00:00:00
Linna Hao: Comprehensively Addressing Population Issues for the Sustainable Development of the Society and Economy 00:00:59
I. Three phases in the development of the population and family planning work 00:01:04
Phase 1: strict slowing down of population growth 00:01:14
Phase 2: maintaining the low fertility level 00:01:44
Citizen Rights 00:02:38
Phase 3: stabilizing the low fertility level, addressing population issues in a comprehensive way, and promoting all-round human development in 2006 00:03:05
Photo 00:03:46
Premier Wen Jiabao met the representatives and stated.. 00:03:50
Two miracles in the development of population, society and economy 00:04:55
China enters a new era with low fertility level 00:05:32
GDP per capita 1978-2005 Yuan 00:05:49
1. Historical Demographic Transition 00:06:06
Creating population bonus period for about 40 years 00:06:18
2. Achievements of China since Reform and Opening-up 00:06:53
Decline of MMR and IMR 00:07:40
Contraceptives Mix for Married Couples of Childbearing Age in China 00:07:51
II Population development facing complicated situation and new challenges in a new era 00:08:23
1. Continuous increase of the large population size 00:08:58
2. Population quality still need to be improved 00:09:31
3. Working-age population remains high 00:09:54
4. Aged population rapidly increasing 00:10:24
5. Continuous imbalanced sex ratio at birth 00:10:43
6. Continuing growth of migrants 00:11:11
7. Tension between population and resources/environment 00:12:23
Population issues remain to be a serious constraint on all-round, coordinated and sustainable development of China and a critical factor impacting upon economic and social development in China. 00:13:06
Significance of Population and Family Planning Work 00:13:24
III. Main tasks in the process of Comprehensively Addressing Population Issues 00:13:59
six main tasks in future 00:14:06
Transition of Working Methods and Measures in Population and Family Planning Work 00:14:43
Goals for maintaining low fertility level 00:15:04
IV. Effectively increase guaranteed inputs into the population and family planning program 00:15:14
Various Preferential Policies in Rural China were established.. 00:15:26
Per capita annual central fiscal input into population and family planning program at all levels shall reach RMB30 per capita by 2010. 00:16:03
Recommendation - Emphasize strategic research on trends of population development.. 00:16:29
5th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights 00:17:26
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