Population Policies, Programs, and the Environment 00:00:00
J. Joseph Speidel: Food, Water and Population 00:00:33
The current status of food security 00:00:38
Reasons for recent food insecurity 00:01:18
Impact of under nutrition 00:01:58
Factors relating to food security 00:02:43
Availability of food increased more rapidly than population from 1950-2000 00:03:08
Current and projected future demands on life-supporting ecosystems threaten future food security 00:04:00
Continued 00:04:36
Water shortage is a growing problem 00:05:04
Population growth will increase demands on already inadequate crop and range lands 00:06:05
Wild Fisheries are at their limit 00:06:36
Climate Change is a major threat to food security 00:07:08
The FAO lists 34 countries either in food crisis or at high risk of food insecurity due to high food prices 00:08:41
An Action Agenda 00:09:11
Unintended pregnancy is the factor in continued population growth that is most amenable to program and policy intervention 00:10:23
Funding shortfalls for Family Planning in developing countries 00:10:53
Assuming $15 billion/year is needed for family planning in developing countries and 1/3 should come from donors, then $5 billion/year is needed 00:11:34
Stabilizing climate will be essential 00:13:09
Features of a new economy to restore natural systems 00:14:04
Discussant: Daniel Kammen, University of California, Berkeley 00:14:52
Discussion 00:24:58