Making Family Planning Accessible 00:00:00
Ndola Prata: Making Family Planning Accessible in Resource-Poor Settings 00:00:19
Fertility Indicators by Selected Regions of the Developing World 00:00:51
How to make family planning access easier 00:02:32
Trends in Modern Contraceptive Use in Selected sub-Saharan African Countries, 1989-2006 00:03:27
(1) Importance of correct knowledge of family planning methods 00:04:20
(2) Importance of contraceptive affordability 00:10:43
% Who Cannot Afford Family Planning (assuming 1% income rule) 00:11:56
Fertility and Family Planning by Socioeconomic Groups in Kenya 00:13:19
(3) Importance of a steady supply of contraceptives 00:15:42
(4) Remove barriers 00:19:11
Too many restrictions on who can provide family planning methods 00:21:48
Community Health Worker 00:21:58
Priest in Ethiopia 00:22:55
Discussion 00:24:56