"What's New and Upcoming With Contraceptive Technologies: From Research to the Field" PRB, November 8, 2010 00:00:00
New Leadership 00:04:11
TOPICS: 00:04:35
Family Planning: Responds to a panoply of problems 00:04:44
Family Planning Use and Need in Africa 00:06:04
Priorities in Contraceptive Technology 00:06:52
Existing Contraceptive Technology 00:07:54
Long-Acting & Permanent Methods 00:08:44
Characteristics of LAPMs 00:08:52
Zarin® (Sino-implant II) 00:09:22
New hormonal implants: Comparison of Sino-Implant, Jadelle, Implanon 00:09:37
NES/EE CVR 00:10:49
NES 150µg/EE 15 µg CVR 00:11:00
The CVR is an effective, convenient, easily-used new contraceptive method. 00:11:18
The Best of Both Worlds 00:12:43
The levonorgestrel intrauterine system 00:13:05
Change in hemoglobin during 5 years of use 00:13:21
New formulation of Depo-Provera: Depo-subQ Provera 104, for delivery with Uniject 00:14:49
The LD Formulation of Depo-Provera Is Efficacious at Lower Peak Concentrations 00:17:01
SILCS Diaphragm: “One size fits most” 00:17:21
Woman’s Condom 00:18:42
Product Features 00:19:03
Woman’s Condom: Performance Objectives and Plans 00:20:47
Current Options for Men 00:21:20
Approaches to Male Contraception: Targeting the sperm 00:21:49
Sperm suppression and contraceptive protection provided by norethisterone enantate (Net-En) combined with testosterone undecanoate (TU) in healthy men 00:22:10
New Contraceptive Methods Needed 00:23:37
Research & Development Priorities in Contraception for the Next Decade 00:24:52
The Population Council 00:25:21
58 technologies in the contraceptive R&D pipeline 00:26:13
New Contraceptive Rings 00:27:22
Progesterone Vaginal Ring : 00:29:13
Progesterone receptor Modulators Ulipristal Vaginal Ring 00:30:44
Dual-protection Vaginal Ring 00:32:25
Advantages of Vaginal Rings 00:33:24
New development concept for transdermal contraception 00:34:15
Transdermal Contraceptives 00:35:13
Pericoital use of LNG vaginal gel 00:36:00
Vaginal Gels “On demand” 00:36:14
Percentage of Anovulation in 5-day post-LNG Gel, 0.75 mg/4 mL or LNG oral 0.75 mg x 2 00:36:59
Is there a Future for Male Contraception ? 00:37:52
9342 Men 00:38:36
Willingness to Use New Male Method 00:38:53
MENT for Male Contraception A tissue-selective androgen 00:39:45
MENT Implant for Men 00:40:37
Effect of MENT AC Implants on Sperm Count 00:41:03
New targets for Contraception 00:41:50
New Promising Targets 00:42:11
Stages of drug development : Reported averages 00:43:37
Typical Drug Development Attrition Rates: Included in development cost estimates 00:45:41
The Future: Meeting the Unmet Needs 00:46:06
Acknowledgements 00:47:01
Contraceptive Introduction: Where the rubber meets the road 00:47:10
Overview 00:47:47
A job well done: FP “revolution” 00:49:06
But more work needed 00:50:02
Systems framework for contraceptive introduction 00:50:51
Time: not always on our side 00:54:25
Currently married women, urban residence, Uttar Pradesh, India 00:55:16
Lessons learned from Norplant 00:57:19
Introduction variants 00:59:38
Variant 1: Sino-implant (II) 01:00:32
Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China 01:01:52
Sino-implant (II) Registration Status Oct 2010 01:03:07
Steps and sequencing for new product introduction: Sino-implant (II) 01:03:52
Variant 2: CBD of injectables – Strengthening the service delivery system 01:05:41
CBD – DMPA Technical Consultation, June 2009 01:07:28
Opportunities for paramedical professional provision of injectables – 2004 01:08:24
Current status of paraprofessional provision of injectable contraception - 2010 01:08:52
Attributes of introduction success 01:09:43
Conclusions 01:10:36